13.10.2023 - In 2019, we started our first successful crowdfunding campaign to finance the continued development of the English edition of spielbox, securing the budget for new ideas, expanding our subscriber numbers and in turn making the magazine even more attractive for the inclusion of publishers' add-ons. Within the next 29 days, everyone can now support the English spielbox with its latest Kickstarter campaign: single copies with or without special promos are available as well as trial, one- and two-year subscriptions to the print and / or digital edition.

Early bird discounts will only be available for two more days!

It's a great opportunity for anyone who's been on the fence about subscribing. We also offer publishers and other professionals half-page ads distributed across all of one year's issues at a price 50 % below the usual rate. All revenues help make sure the magazine can maintain and increase its high level of quality for many years to come.